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The history of Ken’s Bakery, Inc. began over 50 years ago.  The Daniels family history in the bakery business dates back over a century!  The roots of Ken’s Bakery can be traced back to Burlington, IA—where Ken’s father, Lorin Argyle (Dan) Daniels, was born.  At a young age, during the first decade of the last century, Dan worked in a bakery in Burlington. 

Dan relocated to Kansas City around 1910 and quickly established himself as a preeminent baker. In fact, he once received a letter from a high ranking governmental official simply addressed to “the best baker in Kansas City.” His specialty was “butter rolls” (known as a Danish today). He had arranged to deliver his butter rolls to local restaurants and would rise early in the morning to make his pastries, load them into a basket, and take them on a street car for his commute to the restaurants. However, day after day the aroma of the butter rolls was so great that each day fellow travelers on the street car bought all of his goods before he could even get to the restaurants!  In order to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for his product, Dan bought a truck so that more customers would have access to his special pastries. He quickly established himself as a highly successful businessman whose products were so popular that he was able to attain a legal permit to purchase alcohol for his formulas during prohibition.

Dan left Kansas City and came to Oklahoma City in 1929. He became the bakery manager for Crescent Market at 10th and Walker, where his met his wife (Odessa Anna) who was the store’s comptroller. Soon thereafter, Dan opened his own business called Daniels Pastries, which he sold when offered the bakery manager position for Beverly Osborne’s six stores. Dan remained in that position for seventeen years—until Mr. Osborne sold the business so that the bakery property could be used as part of the grounds for the state capital.

After returning to OKC after 2 years in the Marines, Ken worked a short time with his Dad and bother at Beverly’s bakery.  When Mr. Osborn shut down his business 1960, Ken purchased the equipment—and thence began Ken’s Bakery.  For a time, Ken’s brother, Lorin Argyl Jr. (Danny) partnered with Ken.  Very much a family man, Ken’s wife and daughters have all been intricately connected with the business. His wife, Freddie, handles much of the accounting/office management aspects. Two of their daughters (and one son-in-law) have worked in the family business in various roles, including production, delivery, sales and general management.  

At the inception of Ken’s Bakery, Ken specialized in pies and sweet rolls (along with log rolls, butter rolls, tea rolls).  Like his father, Ken’s business began with daily delivery to local restaurants—oftentimes, with his young daughters bundled in blankets with activity books, road along in the bakery.  In order to meet the new demands, Ken’s Bakery evolved from freshly baked goods delivered daily to restaurants, to frozen products sold through distributors and to grocery chains. 

In 1977, the corporate office of a large restaurant chain contacted Ken requesting five-pound cobblers for them, which launched Ken’s Bakery into national sales.  Ken purchased a motor home and traveled to surrounding states marketing to restaurants, grocery store chains and military bases.   Ken’s has been serving some of these customers for over 20 years. 

Like his father’s sweet smelling rolls sold themselves, Ken’s products sell themselves keeping up the family tradition for another half century.  

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